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Community Education

Course 1: Community Renewable Energy (run through Community Houses and Neighbourhood Houses) commencing in February 2022.

This exciting new six session course, running for two hours each, at the grassroots level, is focussed on raising awareness, and increasing the participants’ knowledge of renewable energy in the local area and across Australia more broadly. We are planning to run the course in Nillumbik, Emerald and Pakenham, subject to approval by the Education Department. 

Facilitated by an experienced professional in the field, participants will be taken on a journey to explore community renewable energy, including a one day group excursion to see renewable energy projects in action in real life. 

What will you learn?

This course will introduce learners to a basic understanding of ‘community renewable energy’, placed within the context of the need for information in transitioning to renewable energy due to Climate Change and the emerging energy economy. 

Learners will focus on the revolution that is occurring internationally, within Australia and in particular within Victoria, as local communities take control of meeting their renewable energy needs. 

The course will illustrate how communities can benefit socially and financially from community renewable energy projects at the household level through to small and medium scale projects, and how such projects can be leveraged to build community connections, community resourcefulness, employment opportunities and community resilience while tackling Climate Change – and importantly, in saving money for individuals and for the community, so money is retained locally rather than being paid to large companies with overseas shareholders.

Community Renewable Energy Course now open for enrolments in Eltham

Designed by the Community Power Hub, together with Emerald Community House and Eltham Living and Learning Centre, the first course is starting on 21st of February 2022 through Eltham Living and Learning Centre. 

The course will be taught by Alan Pears who is a Senior Industry fellow at RMIT. He was previously an Adjunct Professor at RMIT and taught in the Environment program from 2005-2015. He holds a number of energy efficiency awards including the Order of Australia. Alan Pears will introduce learners to a basic understanding of ‘community renewable energy’, underpinned by the  need for information while transitioning to renewable energy due to Climate Change and the emerging energy economy.

What to expect:

Students will understand and be able to explain the concepts and the implications of Climate Change and the renewable energy market.

Students  will understand and be able to explain how community renewable energy can be utilized to address both climate change, community engagement and community empowerment to build community resilience.
Students will be able to make informed decisions about how their own home energy efficiency, energy production, energy use and storage can be facilitated.

Students  can become engaged with the emerging community energy revolution that exists in local community energy groups or form a renewable energy guild.
Equip learners to pursue further studies as Home Energy Assessors.

The course consists of 6 x 2 hr sessions, with the last session being a site visit to SolarQuip at Mt Toolebewong to see wind power, hydro power and solar power in action. 

To find out more about this course and other learning opportunities go to

NOTE: This course will also run later at Emerald and Packenham.

Course 2: Training* in Providing Home Energy Efficiency Advice for Community Volunteers (run through Box Hill College, Lilydale Campus) Enrolments are now open!

*note that this is a non-accredited training. For those wishing to train professionally as home energy efficiency assessors, this course is not for you. It is oriented towards community volunteers. 

This three day course, facilitated by the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub, Box Hill College, and our very experienced teacher and course developer, will equip individuals to become trusted community volunteer home energy efficiency advisors, to facilitate with households how to develop potential energy saving solutions in the home.

What will you learn?

There is a growing trend and enthusiasm about renewable energy and sustainability across the nation and we all need to start with creating more energy efficient homes. A more energy efficient home uses less energy, is more comfortable, requires fewer solar panels and smaller batteries and is much cheaper to run!

But often it is hard for homeowners to know where to start, what will be most effective, affordable and efficient. Volunteer home energy efficiency advisors are members of their local community energy group and they volunteer to provide advice to households in their community. They come to the homes of local households who seek their support and they provide information and advice on how to create a more sustainable and energy efficient home.

If you would like to train as a volunteer community home energy efficiency advisor get in touch with your local community energy group to seek a subsidised place on this course. If you don’t know which group is close to you please complete our Contact Form and someone from the Hub staff will let you know.