We are very pleased to be able to bring this new educational program, aimed at the general public for the communities of the Greater Yarra Valley and Ranges region. The course has been specifically designed by the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub, the Emerald Community House and the Living & Learning Nillumbik – Eltham to create a deeper and broader understanding of Community Renewable Energy* (see Note below). 

The course will be at grassroots level, focussed on raising awareness and knowledge of the Community Renewable Energy movement, locally, nationally and internationally. 

It will be offered through Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses, with the first trial commencing at Eltham, Emerald and Pakenham in 2022. There are six sessions, running for two hours each, which will be facilitated by an experienced professional in the field and concluding with a one-day group excursion to see renewable energy projects in real life.

What will you learn?

  • You will be introduced to the basics of ‘Community Renewable Energy’ in the context of Climate Change and the emerging renewable energy economy.
  • You will learn about the revolution that is occurring internationally, within Australia and in particular within Victoria, as local communities take control of meeting their renewable energy needs.
  • You will learn what this could mean for the ways in which communities can be involved in the production, storage and distribution of renewable energy. including ownership of small to medium scale renewable energy infrastructure.
  • The course will illustrate how communities can benefit socially and financially from community renewable energy projects, from the household level through to small and medium scale projects.
  • You will learn how such projects can be leveraged to build community connections, community resourcefulness, community resilience and community employment opportunities, while tackling Climate Change.
  • Importantly, you will learn how renewable energy projects save money for individuals and for the community, so that money can be retained locally rather than being paid to large companies with overseas shareholders.

How to register your interest

The courses will be run at different times at each of the locations mentioned above, but if you would like to receive notification of where and when the courses will take place and if they are face to face or online, you can register your interest with the YV-CPHub below, and we will let you know when the courses are available and how to register.

Living & Learning Nillumbik – Enrolments are now closed!

Key Details

Next course starting 21 February 2022
Session Dates: 21, 28 Feb, 7, 21 and 28 March
Times: Mondays 7-9pm
Location: Eltham Living & Learning, 739 Main Rd, Eltham

Field Trip – Saturday 2nd April 9am-3:30pm to SolarQuip Smart Energy Lab in Mt Toolebewong. Transport will be provided. 


Fully funded – $30 enrolment fee
Concession card holders – $20 enrolment fee
Fee-paying  – $180 

Register to be notified when the courses are available

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To identify which is your nearest CEG, please choose a group from the drop down list. If you don’t know which group to choose, please select “Unsure which group to choose”, and the YV-CPHub staff will allocate you to your nearest CEG by postcode.

  • BRAG: Cardinia Shire Council
  • CEN: Nillumbik Shire Council
  • DREEA: Yarra Ranges Shire Council
  • ECAM: Maroondah City Council and Whitehorse City Council
  • Healesville CoRE: Yarra Ranges Shire Council
  • Yarra Glenergy: Yarra Ranges Shire Council
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*Note: This community education program is financially supported by the Victorian Government’s Department of Education and Training – Adult and Further Education (ACFE) Division and Sustainability Victoria.