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Electric Vehicles

Why should you choose an EV?

According to the Electrical Vehicle Council there are a number of reasons to consider switching to an Electric Vehicle. These include: being more fun to drive, having a lower total cost of ownership, being convenient, requiring less maintenance, and they are good for the environment and provide fuel security.

Dispelling the myths.

Types of EV chargers

Bryce Gaton, is an EV writer and consultant who has been working in the EV sector for over 12 years. Amongst the many EV hats he wears, Bryce writes for the Australian EV website, The Driven, and works for the University of Melbourne as the EV safety trainer and supervisor for their Formula SAE race team. He was keynote speaker at the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub’s EV event that was held in February. These are his slides and are for personal reference only. For further information on these slides please contact us.