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The Yarra Valley Community Power Hub and your local community energy group would like to invite you to join us for the launch of our first community offer of hot water heat pumps at our online event on 10th of November at 7:30pm. Chris Taylor, the Managing Director of Reclaim Energy, the heat pump supplier, will provide a full run down on the system and the fantastic rebates available to significantly reduce the pricing. These innovative and top of the range heat pumps can save up to 80% of your hot water heating electricity consumption and up to 100% if you have solar panels installed.

At the same event we have, in addition to the launch of the community heat pump offer, two expert speakers presenting on “Going Solar without rooftops”, with Jonathan Prendergast from our industry partner Komo energy, with over 12 years experience in clean energy solutions, as well as Rob Morris from IO Energy, a South Australian company changing the way we use energy. They have some very innovative ideas on how to take advantage of the growing availability of renewable energy from the grid to reduce your carbon footprint and your household electricity bills whether or not you have solar panels on your roof! Those with solar panels and those without solar panels will be surprised to hear their creative solutions.

The presentation with leading experts, Jonathan and Rob, will focus on:

  • Australia has seen a huge boom in solar power, both on rooftops and in solar farms which is changing the economics of solar, and also the role that households play as the grid transforms.
  • How best to manage your energy demand and energy generation to reduce energy costs and emissions.
  • Staying ahead of future gas shortages by taking advantage of community offers while also providing an understanding of how hot water heat pumps aid energy resilience in the face of climate change. 


More on our key speakers:

Jonathan Prendergast – Director of Komo Energy

Komo Energy, is an industry partner that has supported the Yarra Valley CP Hub in its Grant Application, and in the development of campaigns and projects to date. Jonathan has a background in renewable energy projects at University of Technology Sydney, Bendigo Bank and as Technical Director at Business Renewables Centre Australia, with particular expertise in Energy Markets and Corporate Power Purchase Agreements.

Jonathan is also passionate about local and community action, co-founding the Sunny Shire Community Energy Group in Sutherland Shire, Sydney. His home is a testing lab of the latest technology, having an all electric home with solar, battery storage, heat pumps and Tesla Model 3, which is trading on the wholesale market via Amber Electric.

Rob Morris – CEO of IO Energy

IO Energy is helping customers use more renewables, by being smarter energy users, in order to lower their energy bills. Thanks to wind and solar, clean and cheap energy is now available in abundance. The problem is that this energy is available when it’s windy and sunny, and energy at other times is dirty and expensive.

Rob’s company, IO Energy, an energy retailer in SA, makes clean grid energy available to customers at the lowest cost, and helps them change the way they use energy to maximise consumption at these times, particularly the middle of the day. Rob holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical and Aerospace) from the University of Adelaide, and a Master of Project Management from the University of New South Wales. He spent around 10 years as an officer in the Australian Army, before founding IO Energy in 2019.

Chris Taylor – Managing Director of Reclaim Energy

Reclaim Energy is based in Byron Bay, New South Wales and is a relatively new brand name in the Australian hot water heater industry. Reclaim Energy has over 14 years’ experience at the forefront of innovative, environmentally friendly hot water systems. In 2005, Chris Taylor started the company Apricus Australia, which serves domestic, commercial, industrial hot water clients.

In 2016, Apricus signed a Research & Development partnership agreement for CO2 heat pump development, and Reclaim Energy was born.

Chris supports many community energy groups throughout Australia with his products and is keen to see community energy expand.


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