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Home Energy Upgrade Program

Free Energy Upgrade Service!

Upgrade your lights! Banish draughts! Monitor your energy use! And more!

Thanks to the Victorian Government Home Energy Upgrade Program you can have a qualified and registered person visit your home to upgrade inefficient energy fittings. They will assess what you currently have and, as appropriate, provide and install free LED lights, draught strips for external doors, draft excluders for exhaust fans, and an energy monitor. 

What is the energy monitor? 

The energy monitor is installed on your current meter as well as an app (computer or phone) so that you can monitor your energy consumption in real time.

We are using the respected and approved company Homelab to offer you this service. 

This is a free service organised by the YV-CPHub and your local community energy group as a service to our community.

Register now for this absolutely free service – free fittings and free installation.

How Does This Service Work?

Once you register for this service an installer from Homelab will contact you within 72 hours (Monday to Friday) to clarify what you already have installed within your home, ascertain what items they will need to bring with them, and make an appointment that suits you. Remember, everything is paid for by the Victorian Government. As part of their service, they will install  draft excluders to two external doors!

Homelab does have about 5 additional products that are not on the free list and you can choose to pay for these if you require them. There is no obligation to purchase any product!

Product Price List

TypeExisting ProductLED replacementCostNotes
Incandescent Globes, Halogen or CFL globes
Globes 7W, Candles 2-3W
FREEAll incandescent (filament or halogen) and all CFL, All bases (BC, ES, small BC, small ES) and all types (regular globe, candle, minibulb) are eligibile for replacement
Large 12/15W, Small 8W
FREELarge are mainly outside the house. Inside the house they can be found in recessed fittings, single or multiple spot strips, centre light in IXLs, some lamps
CFL Reflector$20Some reflectors have CFL coil inside. Not always easy to see but they are made of plastic, not glass. They are not eligible for free replacement under VEU
Halogen downlights
5W or 6W
FREELED 5W or 6W, MR16 or GU10 base, non-dimmable
Halogen downlights (and fittings)
Dimmable IC4 luminaire 5W
$5By default we replace globes only which currently is free. Luminaire option is available on request if IC4 are required or if transformers need to be changed as well
LED or CFL downlights (and fittings)
Dimmable IC4 luminaire 5W
$35LED’s are easy to identify, but with CFLs there is often only a very faint hint of CFL coil behind the glass. LED and CFL downlights are not eligible for replacement under VEU.
Recessed ceiling lights$50Regular or reflector globe in a recessed fitting. Replacement to IC4 is not eligible under VEU. As the tin can fitting is usally wider than IC4 luminaires, a conversion ring is required
Dimmers$35Approximately in 1 out of 2 jobs the old dimmers work ok (dimming down to 20%). If more dimming is required (5%-10%) or if dimmers are not working we can replace dimmer module at cost or bypass existing dimmer free of charge
External doorsDoor seal bottom, Door seal frameFREEAll external doors. House to garage door is considered external. Also doors to rooms with fixed open louvre windows (like toilets). Bottom strip and rubber foam to both sides and the top of the door frame
Internal doorsDoor seal bottom$12Internal doors can be sealed to close off some rooms. Unless the room is open to the outside (ie fixed open louvre windows (like toilets). Bottom strip and rubber foam to both sides and the top of the door frame
Unsealed exhaust fanFREEInstalled in roof cavity above the fan. Flaps open when fan is working and close when its turned off
ShowerheadsFREEOld shower heads must be more than 9L/min. Do bucket test if not sure. New showerheads are 7.5L/min. Hand held and arm style. Max 3 per household
In Home Displays (IHD)Reader/transmitter installed on the meter.
Energy Advisor app installed on the phone.
Monitor your electricity usage in real time on your phone. Display usage statistics collected by the app.
Wall vents$9 eaThe seals are no longer on approved product list. We have limited stock still available.
HWS pipe lagging$15/mInsulating exposed hot water pipes.
HWS Valve Cosy$25 eaHot water pressure release valve can get very hot and leak the heat from the tank. Valve Cosy is an insulating cover which does not interfere with valve operation.

Register your interest in the free home energy upgrade service