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Home Energy Efficiency Advisory Service

The Yarra Valley Community Power Hub is delighted to be able to offer to our communities this free or professional home-based service, to help households understand what can be achieved with various budgets to make our homes more energy efficient, more comfortable, and to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Invest in a home energy efficiency service that fits your budget and that saves you money every time you heat or cool your home or use an appliance. The first step is to make use of a home energy efficiency assessment.

We offer two services:

Registered Professional Assessor (Paid Service)

For a fee,  A QUALIFIED AND REGISTERED ENERGY ASSESSOR will visit your home to give global and detailed advice about ways to make your home more comfortable in summer and winter, reducing both your electricity bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.  

NOTE: This paid professional service is available now. The fee depends on the size of your house and ranges from $380 for a 2 BR house, $420 for a 3 BR house & $485 for a 4+ BR house (all prices GST inclusive).

Lucinda Flynn will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your situation, to confirm the fee and to make a booking.

Your Assessor: Lucinda Flynn. See this link for more information.

Trained Community Volunteer (Free Service)

WOULD YOU PREFER A FREE SERVICE that is less comprehensive but also very helpful in creating an energy efficient home for increased all year comfort?  Our Volunteer Advisors have been trained by Lucinda Flynn, who will also supervise their work. While our Volunteer Assessors are not as highly trained as Lucinda, they do provide significant insight and advice pertaining to creating efficiency within the home and will be sufficient for many people who do not want to go to the expense of a professional service. 

Our Volunteer Advisors work in pairs and will visit your house, discuss your situation and provide you advice on the basis of your needs and their assessment of the energy efficiency of your home. After the visit a written report will be provided to you with suggestions re the actions you can take.

Register for one of our trained Volunteer Home Energy Efficiency Advisors to provide a free visit and a free report.

NOTE: This free service will commence in March/April 2022, but you can pre-register now to ensure a booking.

Energy saving. Sounds boring – until you get the electricity bill!

The thing about energy saving that Lucinda thinks stumps most people is that although they want to use less electricity (and pay less!) their lack of understanding makes it hard to start. Electricity is just another tool that we all use every day to help us do things. But because we’ve all had it since before we can remember, most of us probably feel like we’ve never been given an instruction manual or any diagrams to help us understand when we use it, how, or why.

Saving energy at home is a great way to save money and take action on the climate emergency.

Australian households generate about one fifth of Australia’s carbon emissions, which are causing rapid climate change. Many households are also struggling to pay their power bills. There’s so much we can do to use less energy in our homes and reduce our power bills!

Register for a Home Energy Efficiency Advice visit