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Home Energy Efficiency Kits

DIY Home Energy Efficiency Kits from your Local Council

As a service to our local communities the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub is pleased to bring you this information about how you can use a Do It Yourself approach to assessing the energy efficiency of your own home, using a Council supplied kit of equipment and a written guide.

Energy Efficiency Kits

(for loan through Eastern Regional Libraries commencing mid January 2022)


Three Councils, Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges, are partnering on the development and delivery of energy efficiency kits for loan through the local library system, managed by the Eastern Regional Libraries. This service will begin with three kits (one from each Council), to assess popularity and usage of the kits, with review after twelve months.

As the initiating partner, Yarra Ranges Council is coordinating the project delivery with Knox, Maroondah and Eastern Regional Libraries, including the purchasing of equipment and an information booklet. 

The project has been progressed in consultation with the Eastern Regional Library group and they are supportive of delivering the kits through their loan system.  


The kits are intended to provide residents with the information and tools needed to understand where they are using power, to measure it and identify how they might reduce their use. Through using the kits, it is hoped that residents will reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. The proposed kit components are outlined below.

  • User guide on how to use the kit
  • Electrical appliance monitor
  • A thermal camera to test where heat is being lost or gained within a home 
  • Information on how to make your home more energy efficient or reduce water usage

Equipment Provided with the Kits

Diagnostic Thermal Imaging CameraThermal imaging can help identify where your building loses and gains heat. Locate draughts, missing insulation, waste heat, and more.
Power-Mate Power MeterAppliance tester that shows power, cost and greenhouse gas emissions for the item plugged in
StopwatchTo measure shower and tap flow rates
The Energy Freedom Home BookEight Easy steps for energy efficiency behaviour change
Crushproof CaseIndestructible/waterproof case with foam to house equipment