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Webinar: How to Go Solar Without Rooftops

PART ONE ONLINE EVENT: How To Go Solar Without Rooftops

The Yarra Valley Community Power Hub and your local community energy groups hosted the online launch of the first community offer of hot water heat pumps at our online event on 10th of November at 7:30pm. PART ONE INLCUDES: Two expert speakers presenting on “Going Solar without rooftops”, with Jonathan Prendergast from our industry partner Komo energy, with over 12 years experience in clean energy solutions, as well as Rob Morris from IO Energy, a South Australian company changing the way we use energy. They have some very innovative ideas on how to take advantage of the growing availability of renewable energy from the grid to reduce your carbon footprint and your household electricity bills whether or not you have solar panels on your roof! Those with solar panels and those without solar panels will be surprised to hear their creative solutions.